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Berjaya Bersama

Success is best when it is achieved together as a team. Be it with a colleague, family, or friend, we gain the mental fortitude to achieve greater things when we work together. This principle forms the basis of Takaful. It’s what we call mutual cooperation, helping those in need of help the most for the greater good of the group. At Great Eastern Takaful, we call it Berjaya Bersama, and it resonates not just amongst our employees but also amongst our customers and our business partners.

Berjaya Bersama Kami

For our customers

The customers are at the heart of what we do. As such we take all the critical steps in understanding not only their protection needs but also their financial aspiration so as to enable us to design our products and services for this purpose. Their peace of mind and financial wellbeing is our business.

For our partners

Similarly, the partnership that we form with our business partners allows a deeper and wider access to our products and services. It also enables our partners to become a one-stop financial solutions provider to their customers. This we believe will further the nation’s ambitions of financial inclusion and ensure that more Malaysians are well-protected.

For our employees

Berjaya Bersama is best exemplified by our employees. Working as a family has helped us build respect for one another. Through the affirmative force of teamwork and genuine commitment towards each other, our customers and stakeholders, GETB continuously strives to fulfil customer’s aspirations of peace of mind and financial wellbeing.


Moving forward with confidence

Great Eastern Takaful is in its tenth year of operations and have expanded our catalogue of Takaful solutions. We’ve succeeded in making a mark in the Takaful industry winning numerous awards. Great Eastern Takaful have truly lived up to Berjaya Bersama.

Berjaya Bersama is about wanting to be with our customers and stakeholders every step of the way. To be there with them from infancy, to adulthood and right to retirement. It is a theme that reflects standing strong togther, helping one another - one that captures the foundation of Great Eastern Takaful. That is the essence of 'Berjaya Bersama'. 

Watch the Berjaya Bersama video here.

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